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SSW-TDS-2U Dual-Channel Digital TDS sensor probe

Publish Time:2020-09-09
1 Summary
   We designed a series of sensors for TDS measurement. As a normal function in water quality, TDS sensor had been used in household water purifier, commercial water purifier,  fish tank, agriculture ,etc.  SSW-TDS-xU( hereinafter referred to as “sensor”) including 的SSW-TDS-2U for 2/8 inches tube and SSW-TDS-3U for 3/8 inches tube。 For the other size, please find a suitable adapter.
2 Parameters

  notes Min Typical Max Unit
Electrical Characteristics
VDD Supply voltage 3.3 5 5.5 v
IDD Current on working   4   mA
Is Current on sleeping   1   mA
Full Range The tds range of the liquid 0   2000 uS/cm2
0   1000 ppm
TDS resolution Min changed value   1   ppm
Temp. calibration range   0 25 50
Accuracy Compare with the standard liquid 2% 3% 5% %②
Probe life Would be different when the condition is changed 1 3 4 Year
Pressure limit     7 9 Bar
Flow velocity limit Must lower this value     1 L/min
Storage temp. When package is unbroken 0   50
Storage RH. When package is unbroken 0   95 %RH
Metal of the probe The efficient length of the probe 5.8 6 6.2 mm
Diameter of the probe     1   mm
Gap between the probes     2   mm
Length of the head part SSW-TDS-2U   59   mm
SSW-TDS-3U   69   mm
Total length 1200mm for SSW-TDS-2U
1500mm for SSW-TDS-3U
1200   1500 mm

  1 recommended  lower than 2000us/cm3  ,when used in higher than 2000us/cm­3 ,  the accuracy would be bad。
  2  the standard instruments is online device ,please don’t compare with the TDS pen

3 Dimensions

SSW-TDS-XU Dimension

4 Reference design

   1 connect the sensor to your mainboard
   2 run the query instruction,get the feedback
   3 analyze the data,get the TDSin and TDSout

5 Water Proof
As an important accessories of the water purifier ,the sensor conform to 2/8 inches(6.4±0.1mm), 3/8 inches(9.5±0.1mm)standard size. So as to achieve the water proof
Take SSW-TDS-2U as an example,we did three water proof operations:
1 knurled needle,to make the needle integrated with the plastic
2 use epoxy to fill the hollow part of the header
3 if the two steps are not enough to prevent the water ,we do injection molding again to make sure all leak risk to be resolved inside

Installation instructions

    1        cut the power
    2        plug the probe into the adapter
    3        the source probe should be installed before all filters,the out probe should be installed after all filters

Materials specification

index Part name materials Vendor/safety standard
In-water parts  
1 needle Stainless steel/
Titanium alloy
2 Plastic header ABS/PP-R CHIMEI 757F(F means food)
Formosa 360-F
The other parts  
3 housing PVC ROHS
4 Wire PVC &Cu ROHS
5 connector NYLON 66 and Cu. ROHS
6 PCB FR-4 ROHS   

Order guide
Partno. table:

  Tube TDS Protocol Connector notes package
SSW-TDS-2U 2/8 YES UART 2.54 XH 4PIN    
SSW-TDS-2I 2/8 YES I2C 2.54 XH 4PIN 4-8 weeks
SSW-TDS-3U 3/8 YES UART 2.54 XH 4PIN  
SSW-TDS-3I 3/8 YES I2C 2.54 XH 4PIN 4-8 weeks

Communication protocols

The sensor use TTL UART by default,slave mode.

UART information:
  1 Baud Rate:9600bps
  2 parity bit :none
  3 stop bit :1 bit

 For more information about Protocal please contact us for datasheet.


Issue Probably reason Resolve methods
TDS value is very lower Maybe there had bubble in the adapter Rotate the adapter 90o
Temp. to be 0 or 100 Probe broken Change and send to us
The result be high and low Maybe caused by the water flow Change the install position or accept it
Source tds is lower than clean tds May be you need to reverse the two probes  
The result is lower than it was test outside the tube The result would decrease when the probe installed in the tube 1 accept it
2 ask us for help ,it need to calibration for your machine

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