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TDS311-2 for 3/8 inches tube TDS ,temperature 2 in 1 probe

Publish Time:2020-09-09
 To make the TDS conductivity test easy ,we designed a lot of tds sensor。As the most easy test item,  TDS sensor was used in homehold water purifier,commercial water purifier, fish tank,agricuture ,etc. TDS-X11-2 series sensors includes TDS211 for 2/8 inches tube and TDS311-2 for 3/8 inches tube.
II、Important Param.
  Introduction Min Typical Max Unit
Electronic param.  
Operating Voltage   3.3 5 5.5 v
Operating Current   2   4 mA
resistance when open when circuit is open, the res. between the two probes 5 50 100
resistance when short circuit when circuit is shorted, the res. between the two probes   2   Ω
Operating param.  
measure range full range when it works 0   2000 uS/cm2
0   1000 ppm
TDS resolution   0.1 1   ppm
Temp. calibration range the range when temprature calibration work normal 0 25 50
probe life based on the working condition 1 2 3 Year
pressure range max pressure for the probe   4 9 Bar
water velocity limit max water velocity 0 0.5 2 L/min
Storage Temp. when the package is instant 0   50
Storage Humudity when the package is instant 0   95 %RH
temperature probe  res. and B value 10K 3950, R/T table please conatact us
structure param.  
probe length metal parts ouside  5.9 6 6.1 mm
probe diameter     1   mm
electrode gap     2   mm
probe head length TDS210   59   mm
TDS310   69   mm
wire length standard 500mm, can be customized 480 500 520 mm
1 for  less than 2000us/cm 
TDS-311-2 stucture in mm

IV、Reference design

Calculate Steps:
1 get the conductivity of liquid on the current temperature
   Conductivity K=Q/R, we get the resistance of the liquid, Q is a constant of the probe.
2 Convert the conductivity to 25℃
3 get the TDS
TDS=K25 x0.5

V、Install instructions
  Plug the probe into the tube connector.  one before the filter, one after the filter.
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